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Why should you come to Cohrs + Partner?

Together being successful with best

in problem solving, easy and friendly operations and in cases of breakdown assistance ... your efficiency is important to us.

Consultation, planning, development, manufacturing, assembly, service and support for

Performances on offer:

Process automation:

» Devices for automation and energy saving for industrial manufacturing processes
» Measuring technology and control engineering
» Programmable controllers
» Capture of operational data
» Visualization
» Instrumentation
» Production of user software
» Medium- and low-voltage devices
» Propulsion technology
» Installation of cabinets

Information technology:

» Computer appliances, professional PCs
» Network technology (LAN), network management solutions
» Long-distance data transmission
» SQL databases, software, training
» Telephone systems
» Video appliances

In 1991, our inaugural year, we decided on the Regulator as our company logo.

As a symbol of identification the Regulator supplements our guiding principle: "Think more concretely - act faster".

These days an experienced team of 29 fitters, technicians and engineers is at your disposal with

» Interlaced offices and workplaces
» Extensive CAD/CAE programs
» Manufacturing in own modern workshops

We have lasting success with installations in the following areas:

» Power supply companies
» Power plants
» Local water supply
» Sewage disposal companies
» Industrial water treatment
» Sewage treatment
» Natural gas
» Oil extracting
» Processing industry
» Chemical industry
» Food production
» further service business...

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